Sweden Unlimited Welcomes New Staff

We’re very happy to announce that five new people have joined the Sweden family.

Sweden Unlimited’s new staff includes Patrick Emanuel as Director of Strategy and Brand Marketing, Victoria Clark as Editorial and Content Manager, Priya Partridge as Project Manager, Ellis Sant’Andrea as Senior Designer, and Nika Simovich as Senior Designer.

“We’re ecstatic to continue to attract creative and project management talent of this quality,” said Leja Kress, Co-founder and CEO. “I’m confident this will once again raise the bar on the quality of our client facing work,” added Alex Kress, Co-founder and Chief Client Officer.

New hires include:


PATRICK EMANUEL, Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy

Patrick will oversee content strategy and brand marketing efforts. For more than 10 years, Patrick has been a leader in developing integrated marketing strategies that connect the dots between business strategy, brand and culture. Patrick has led strategy for leading lifestyle, fashion, beauty and publisher brands, including: Nike, Sephora, Covergirl, Express, Lincoln Motor Company, W Magazine and Cool Hunting. He will report to Co-founder and Creative Chief Officer, Richard Agerbeek.

VICTORIA CLARK, Editorial and Content Manager

Before joining Sweden Unlimited, Victoria worked in public relations and communications at AZIONE, a leading agency that represents top, direct-to-consumer, health, lifestyle, and fashion brands. While at AZIONE, Clark spearheaded and contributed to a number of creative content, campaigns and strategic projects for her accounts, which included AWAY, Spring, STATE Bags, Epicuren. She will report to Director of Strategy and Brand Marketing, Patrick Emanuel.

PRIYA PARTRIDGE, Project Manager

Priya comes from a background in consulting and CRM, previously working as an Engagement Manager at Silverline CRM. At Sweden Unlimited, she’ll be leading the charge on various E-commerce builds. When not in the office, Priya is pursuing a masters degree in negotiation and conflict resolution. She will report to Director of Operations, Deborah Opp.

ELLIS SANT’ANDREA, Senior Designer

Ellis is a multidisciplinary visual designer with a background in both digital product design and advertising. She began her career at MCD Partners where she worked on design and usability for a finance client. Before joining Sweden Unlimited, she worked at Rokkan on clients including Purina, Hallmark, and Viacom. She will initially focus on art directing editorial content and establishing look and feel for various major beauty brands. She will report to Creative Director, Kevin Ryan.

NIKA SIMOVICH, Senior Designer

Prior to joining Sweden, Nika collaborated with brands including Anna Sheffield, Buzzfeed Product Labs, Warby Parker, Panoply, Kate Spade, Areaware and others. In addition to working at Sweden, she is a part-time professor at Parsons School of Design. In 2014, she was a recipient of the Center for Urban Pedagogy’s Public Access Design fellowship. She will report to Creative Director, Kevin Ryan.