We’re Sweden

A creative agency

Uniting art, strategy, design and technology in the service of great experiences

It all started with the idea of creating a team
that valued design, while helping brands focus on the rapidly growing world of e-commerce.

Sweden Unlimited was launched in 1999 by founders Alex Kress, Leja Kress and Richard Agerbeek. The trio began their collaboration in the mid-90s as electronic pop band Sweden, playing the downtown NYC circuit and releasing limited-edition LPs. They gradually evolved into Sweden Unlimited, the digital creative agency, partnering over time with key brands in the fashion and luxury space.

We make thoughtful, stylish and usable digital and brand solutions that are tied to specific business goals for our clients. We are excited at the infinite potential of the digital world and incorporate holistic thinking into our final products. From coding to cameras, content to commerce, written words to visual design, we strive to be better and make amazing work.

Our style is a discernible and clear commodity we take great care in cultivating.

Our inspiration comes from the confluence of art, fashion, music, and technology. Embracing the multifaceted and frenetic pace of business in New York City, we feel intertwined with the steady beat of progress and tapped into the ceaseless creative culture. We work to keep building that collaborative energy around us.